Frequently Asked Questions regarding membership

How will I be able to reserve berries?

You will be asked to reserve berries no later than 24 hours for weekday pick ups and no later than Thursday for weekend pick ups. There will be a form that you can fill out to reserve berries, you can also call the office. You will need to pick up the day you reserve the berries by the time the market closes or the farm store closes. After you sign up for membership, more details will be sent to you in early May so you have plenty of time to reserve before the berries start!

Can I choose the type of berry in my reservation?  

You will be able to reserve the berries that are available at the time. You will be able to reserve a single berry or half/half of two different berries, or a mixed box where we will choose a mix of the berries that are available that week. Information about what berries are available will be on the reservation form when you fill it out.

Can I pick up more than one half-flat at a time?

Yes! You have pre-purchased 12 half-flats and you can pick them up all at once or one a week.

What about New Seasons Unger berries?

Berries at New Seasons are not eligible for the discount and can't be pre-purchased or reserved. The berries available at the farm store and farmer's markets are eligible for the membership benefits.

How will I get a discount?

You will have a card you can show and/or an email you can show a photo of when you pick up your berries.

How many pints are in a half flat?

There are 6 pints in each half flat.