Cascade Delight Raspberries

A superior quality red raspberry that’s specifically suited for handling heavy clay soil. Well drained soil is always preferable for growing raspberries, but Cascade Delight’s resistance to root rot gives it a strong advantage over other varieties. Delivering heaps of big, conical, bright red, firm berries with sweet, luscious flavor, the cane offers the added benefit of fewer thorns for an easy harvest.

Vintage Raspberries

The Vintage Red Raspberry has extra large, conical, slightly rounded shaped bright red berries with a high sugar content. This outstanding berry is super sweet. Raspberry plants can fruit on different types of canes, and these are categorized into primocane and floricane. Both primocane (first year) fruiting and floricane (second year) fruiting raspberries have both primocanes and floricanes growing from the plant after the first year. Floricane fruiting varieties have primocanes that grow throughout the first year and do not produce fruit. Primocane fruiting varieties have primocanes that produce flowers and fruit the first year, and then the remaining cane will overwinter and fruit again the second year. Pruning needs differ for these types of plants to be productive.